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This blog is a continuation education portal, an effort contributed by the author to cope with the ever changing landscape in the industrial-specific sector. Students are permitted to use these articles as guides or additional notes should they find the materials useful. However, it is prohibited to use such materials as instructional manuals. It is not the intention of this blog to replace any manuals published by any software manufactures mentioned. Articles shared herewith, were partly based on the author’s findings in his continuation learning and development process where much refinement needed to be done before such materials can be transferred or be part of the official classroom manuals in the future.


  • 2D CAD drafting with AutoCAD LT
  • 3D visualization with Sketchup and Vray
  • Sketchup Pro
  • 3D Real-Time animation, Rendering and Video animation
  • Web Design and development
  • Some other related topics


By any chance, perhaps only a hand full of students will visit this blog. It is common for people to think once they finished their studies and that is it. It stops there. Well, is not really, therefore the author hopes this blog will benefits those who wish to improve themselves and always welcome any opinions and response. In addition, should audience that not associate with the author (visitors or guests) somehow landed here and find the articles useful, please do share them and if not then please be kind and gentle in your comments.


“Experiential Learning” (learning from experience) has been a technique used by many. During the author tenure with his formal company Sri Komputer Sdn. Bhd. in 1992, he was motivated by this method and used it ever since. Experiential learning benefits to problem solving issues particular in the industry sectors. To apply this technique effectively, one should apply in a holistic manner and keeps the research unbiased, honest and as comprehensive as possible.

Learning is a dynamic process that complement the changes in the domain you involved in, particularly computer technologies that relate to industry-specifics. The author encourages his students to use the same approach.

This blog was originally hosted at Due to some technical errors that can not be avoided, all materials and pages were moved to effective since August, 2014. Some of the works still in progress.

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