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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Introduction to Distributed Network Rendering - student's note: Part 2

rev: 1.5 updated: 10/09/2014


  • This article is the continuation of Introduction to Distributed Network Rendering part 1 (DNR).
  • This article discuss about the software and hardware related to DNR or VrayDR in general.
  • The DNR scope demonstrated in this article is limited to 2 to 3 units but able to expand to maximum of 10 units of computer based on the network license policy implemented by the software creator. A reasonable scale for SOHO and small studio environment.
  • This article specifically refers to Vray for Sketchup application rendering scheme under Windows environment.
  • The arrangement of this article is as follows: Introduction to the application and rendering engines, discuss about the network policy, the setup and systems, functions of each system, cost breakdown, photos, some advise and opinions.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Introduction to Distributed Network Rendering - student's note: Part 1

rev: 1.0 updated: 08/09/2014


This note explains what is "Distributed Network Rendering" in general, and how it works in Vray for Sketchup. Other 3D applications may not have the same methodology and approach but i believe they would be able to achieve the same result and speed maybe varies. It took me 2 years to planned, research and deploy this not just on Vray, but on various 3D applications and their implementation as well. However, for best result and easy to execute is Vray for sketchup. This plugin is very polished and considerably cheap compared to other rendering engines. The meaning of cheap here covers the time to learn the application and to deploy the DNR functionality features as we all know that time is money.

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